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Caribbean Cinemas

San Juan-Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria, which severely affected Puerto Rico in 2017, the Caribbean Cinemas chain decided to remodel its...

Home & Business Suites

Torreon - Mexico

Finding a HVAC solution with modern design that would allow personalized guest comfort: heating and cooling at the same time, for...

Los Arcos Plaza 1

Samborondon - Ecuador

To implement a complete installation system of a 9 story building within 5 months. Any renovations or modifications to the existing..

Alexandra Resort

Turks and Caicos Islands

Alexandra Resort is committed to providing its guests with a unique all-inclusive vacation experience. The dependability and...


San Luis Rio Colorado - Mexico

The client had previously used Lennox in a project and was pleased with the results. In addition, the capacity of the equipment.....


Medellín - Colombia

Installation of technologically advanced HVAC equipment in an existing building, ensuring greater comfort and...

Disco Fresh Market

Montevideo - Uruguay

The HVAC system for Disco Fresh Market was designed during the early stages of the project, based on the architectural...