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Welcome to the Rooftop Revolution

2021 AHR EXPO Innovation Awards Finalist

Introducing our most powerful, most advanced rooftop unit in the industry. An ultra-efficient design delivers complete comfort at the lowest total cost of ownership, while also reducing maintenance and service time.

Model L A, B, and C Box Units

Has Been

The new Model L™ rooftops feature the revolutionary Lennox® CORE Unit Controller and advanced variable-speed technology to maximize energy savings. But that’s just the beginning. Premium diagnostic features reduce installation, service and maintenance to provide the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

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Introducing the Lennox Core Control System

Providing exceptional performance and efficiency, the Lennox Model L™ rooftop units and the Lennox® CORE Control System utilize optional wireless sensors, a mobile service app and a built-in wireless gateway to deliver the lowest cost of ownership.

The Lennox® CORE Service App replaces a traditional built-in user interface on the CORE Unit Controller and provides guided setup menus for install, test and balance, and network integration. Reports that detail runtimes and service history can be exported from the app. The app also facilitates seamless commissioning of wireless sensors and sensor networks compatible with the CORE Control System.

Connected Services Icon

Connected Service

The Lennox® CORE Control System reinvents the service process with a wireless mobile service app, making setup and service faster than ever before.

Open Integration

Open Integration

The Lennox® CORE Unit Controller empowers customers to choose their building controls, allowing simple or tailored operation.

Reliable Performance

Reliable Performance

The Lennox® CORE Control System uses built-in algorithms to deliver key performance indicators and drive unit components simply and reliably.

Efficiency Optimization Icon

Efficiency Optimization

The Lennox® CORE Unit Controller optimizes unit operation in real-time by processing advanced sensor inputs, maximizing energy efficiency and space comfort.


The Lennox® CORE Service App Makes Servicing Simple

Using a built-in wireless gateway on the Lennox® CORE Unit Controller, The Lennox CORE Service App replaces a traditional built-in user interface. Simple guided setup, real-time data readouts and enhanced test functionalities make servicing Lennox rooftop units easier than ever before.

Real-Time Data Readouts

Enhanced test functionality provides real-time sensor readings, trending and reports that enable easy troubleshooting.

Guided Setup

Guided setup with progress indicators, detailed help and exportable summaries drives simple and trouble-free setup, reducing commissioning times over similar systems.

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